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Library Magic Lessons

If you participated in a online interactive magic show with Josiah through your local library, click on the button below to access the magic trick lessons. You must have the password given to you during the show to enter.

Online Magic Camps

Throughout the year, I hold multiple magic camps. Summer, Halloween, Christmas, and Spring Break are some of the camps I have planned. Your child will learn amazing magic tricks that will impress family and friends! The camps are designed to be fun and engaging to introduce your children to the performing art of magic, utilizing everyday household items. Check camp dates frequently to see what's next!

Private Magic Lessons with  Josiah

These are live one on one video lessons where I teach you magic using zoom.


If your interested in starting your magic journey, learn some new techniques, or just need help on a trick, I would love to help out. Each lesson is 30 minutes and is typically broken down into 4 parts as show below, but can very depending on students experience.

1) We discuss you and what you like about magic.

2) You show me an trick you know or are working on, and I provide  some positive feedback and performance tips.

3) I show you a new trick based on your interests and walk you through how to do it.

4) Based on your personnel style and likes I provide suggestions for resources, such as books & videos, props, or tricks.

A copy of the lesson will be provided. 

A computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone and internet connection capable of running video conferencing is required.

A little about my journey and why I like teaching magic

I started practicing magic when I was 4 years old. I entered my first talent show when I was 7. That show is were I discovered my love for performing, and from then on I wanted to learn more about the art. The problem was there were no magic clubs were I lived and I didn't know anybody who knew magic. Because of that I had a difficult time developing my skill or even knowing what to read, watch, or listen to. It wasn't until I was 10 that I had my first lesson. This was a changing point for me, it brought a whole new world of magic to my fingertips. Not only was there others that loved the art like I did, but they helped me develop my interests in magic, by recommending books, offering advice on technique, style, and performing. Since that first lesson, I have had many teachers, coaches, mentors, and countless friends in magic. It really opened a door to a new and exciting world!

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