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who is this guy?

Magician and illusionist

Meet Josiah Bunde, an LA-based award-winning magician. He discovered magic at the age of 4 and began performing regularly in Hawaii by age 10. Josiah's unwavering passion for the art of magic infuses each performance, ensuring that he is truly present with his audience. Through his genuine connection and dedication, he crafts an immersive experience that captivates spectators and leaves a lasting impression.

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People are talking

"He is going places"

"Keep your eyes on Josiah, he is going places. such a great performer. A joy to watch."

— Kim Hallinger

(President Magic Hall of Fame)

See for yourself


Josiah specializes in lighting up the stage with positive energy, interactive magic, and relatable storytelling. Whether it's a corporate function, a family gathering, or any other event, Josiah brings an electrifying presence to captivate and excite audiences of all ages.

2023_Josiah Bundy_Palace Of Mystery-9_ed

stage show

A fully dynamic and interactive large-scale show that fills the stage. Josiah creates a truly unique and genuine connection with his audience Through skillful storytelling, powerful magic, and hilarious interaction, this show is not only magical but also sure to create unforgettable memories, leaving guests with a smile on their faces.



Whether you're hosting a corporate event or need a charismatic emcee, Josiah delivers an engaging and energizing performance. With his charismatic presence and knack for connecting with audiences, Josiah's shows are designed to entertain and leave a lasting impression.

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private event

From family reunions to birthdays and holiday gatherings, Josiah brings magic to every private event, creating lasting memories for your guests. With personalized performances tailored to your occasion, Josiah ensures an unforgettable experience that adds excitement and charm to your celebration.

Contact Josiah

Have an event? Contact Josiah to book a personalized experience for your event!

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